How Much Does It Cost To Record A Demo?

How about family? Today we will talk about how much a studio charges to record a song, whether rap, trap, drill, reggaeton, pop, rock, or any current or urban genre, and the approximate rates of what it is worth to record a demo in Spain.

From our recording studio, we want to share the analysis of average prices of what it costs to record an album or EP in cities such as Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Madrid, Valencia, or Barcelona and even how much it costs to release a physical CD or merchandising.

We anticipate something. It all depends on the quality you are looking for, how professional the sound technician is, and how the studio is equipped.

It is not the same to record a demo at home and with few means, as an album to a first-class studio to make a great production.

How much is it worth to record a demo in a

The price of recording a demo will depend on the number of songs. As a general rule, the price of recording a song can vary from € 50 to € 150. So if the demo has 6 songs it can be from € 300 to about € 750, depending on the recording studio.

These prices will also depend on whether we only record vocals on instrumentals or are composing the music from scratch in the studio with musicians (piano, guitar, drums, etc …)

Many of you ask us how much it costs to make a composition for a single or single and soon we will have an article talking about it.

 If you want to just record a hip-hop song with a free YouTube instrumental to simply upload it to digital platforms like Spotify the price may be cheaper than you imagine. It all depends on the type of music studio you’re heading to, whether it’s a home studio or HomeStudio, or whether it’s a professional recording studio. Today you will understand why if you are a rapper it is easier.

Prices for recording songs vary according to the following features. Mainly the difference is if you want to rent a recording room by the hour or if you want to work at a fixed price per song.

What is the price of recording in some recording studios?

It is easy, we will explain in a simple way why sometimes you pay more or less in a studio so that you understand on which occasions the price is more expensive or cheaper.

    1. Recording an instrumental on a single track
    2. Recording on a Beat composed by a music producer and tracks

How much does it cost to record a demo in Spain?

1) Instrumental in an MP3 or WAV audio (one track)

Currently the most common is to see people in recording studios use a format of the beat or instrumental downloaded from YouTube since it is the easiest way to get instrumentals on the internet.

In this case, they download the beat on a single track and record vocals over and make the song. In this case for the recording, mixing, and mastering of audio in a single track the price can range from 50 to about 120 euros. This will depend on the quality and how underground the place where you are going to record is.

2) How much is it worth to record in a studio by Stems in
a composition by a music producer (by tracks)

If you want to record in a more professional way the format will be by tracks (as the great singers work) and in this case, the cost is usually from about 20 to about 50 euros more than it would cost to record with the previous option (beat the Mp3 or wav).

When the songs are worked by tracks, a much more detailed mixing process is carried out and the sound will be clearer. A good sound technician will be able to get much more out of it. You can make cuts, effects, and even mix or master to improve the composer’s own work.

All are approximate prices and scales depending on what we know recording studios charge in Spain and vary according to the city. We are also talking about songs that are not recorded with a band since in these cases it is usually recorded for hours in the studio and the price usually ranges between € 20 and € 35 as we understand.

Where can I record a demo?

We leave this question to you… Do you want to record a demo, or do you want to burn a professional album investing? And we ask you why, depending on what you are looking for, we could recommend some studies or others.

In the music industry, there are all kinds of studies. You can find them homemade, more advanced HomeStudios, producer premises, small but well-equipped recording rooms, and large studios with all kinds of machines.

For us, the key would be to ask ourselves about what kind of artist we are and look well around us to find a place that goes according to us.

For this, we have shelled all the points in which an artist can be found, so that you know at what moment you are and you can make the best decision.

Different types of artists

There are all kinds of ways of working and prices, but we will make an approximation according to how the artist works. We explain.

  • Artists who are looking to only record a single, either to test, to make a video clip and release it, and the only thing they are looking for is to know how much the recording, mixing, and mastering of a song costs because they want to work in this format.
  • Artists who want to record their first or second demo, and are starting to write songs need to start recording. They need to see how they sound into a microphone, and how they work in a studio and record many songs because they are in a phase where they usually write many songs and need to release music. Putting out CDs or discs is not as important as making and releasing music.
  • Professional artists looking to record with a more professional sound. They are usually independent artists who are financing their own careers or are on a record label or label. Being more experienced and professional people, they usually have several models and look for a sound with more quality and prepare their releases and advertising campaigns well. They are usually focused on wanting to make a leap within the music industry and usually work with exclusive instrumentals.
  • Groups or bands looking to record or make a CD because they rely on the physical format because they are looking to record an EP or LP to monetize their music and have a return on investment. They are artists who usually give live concerts and seek to sell their albums and Merchandising, that believe it or not, this format continues to work better than ever since collecting is the order of the day.
  • Those who seek to rent a studio to take their own technician to work for them, in this way they look for the equipment they must have to record a voice, electric guitars, drums, etc. And they go direct.

How much is it worth to record a demo in Seville, Cádiz, Huelva, Málaga, Granada, or Almería?

When we talk about the recording studios of the cities of Andalusia, the prices are usually similar, as long as their technicians and materials are of the same level.

As a general rule, in southern Spain, demo recordings are usually cheaper than in Madrid, Barcelona, or other larger cities.


As you have seen, prices vary depending on the type of studio you go to. It goes a little depending on the result you want.

There are all kinds of artists and recording studios, so you will have to find which one is the best for the artistic moment in which you are.

Once you know what type of artist you are and at what moment you are you know, there is no stipulated price on which to base yourself, it is best to know how you want to work as an artist and look for a studio that suits what you need.