Las Amigas Denada Cantina; Top Recording Studio in Sevilla

Las Amigas Denada Cantina is an audiovisual production company located in Seville. We work for both local and regional clients as well as the rest of Spain and abroad.

We have collaborated both in film and documentary productions as well as for institutional clients, established brands, small entrepreneurs, and independent professionals.

Our team integrates specialists in audiovisual production, animation, design, and photography. Our style is a mixture of our artistic training and passion for technology and the digital-audiovisual world.

That is, we are not mere technicians who execute a predefined script. We go further.

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We create visual projects whose objective is to communicate your message audiovisually in the most efficient and creative way possible and always according to your editorial line or communication strategy

At Las Amigas Denada Cantina, we accompany you from the initial advice, through the development of your idea, the filming of the piece, and even the editing of the last frame. With us you will not have to worry about anything, you will receive your order completely finished, edited with attention to detail, and ready to publish, share and distribute.

In the studio you can perform any step of the recording chain, from the composition of a song to the mastering of an album, through the recording, editing, mixing, production, and post-production of music.

Also, if you are a sound technician and work with other recording studios, you can record the instruments you need and take the tracks with you, or bring the recorded material to mix at Las Amigas Denada Cantina.

If you are not from Seville, I can take care of the recording of instruments with studio musicians, and send you the tracks so you can implement them into your project.
In the same way, if you need a musical production, I can take care of it in the studio and send you the tracks or the project already mixed so that you can record the voices in a studio in your city, thus avoiding the expenses of travel and stays in Seville.

If necessary, a car can access right up to the studio door, making it easy to load and unload bulky or heavy instruments.
In any case, there is space to park 3 medium vans or large cars or 4 medium cars 5 meters from the door of the studio