Sound Technician; Marco A. Redondo

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Sound technician, author, composer, road manager, and producer of concerts and major events (works done).

I was born in Seville in ’72. He took advantage of the “rabonas” at the INB San Pablo to go to the rehearsals of friends and acquaintances. Little by little I got hold of portable recording equipment and began to record the rehearsals as demos.

I studied sound technician in 1994 at the Andalusian School of Sound Technicians, with internships at the Factor Q recording studio and at the company Apogee, directed by Óscar Fragio. I also have a degree as a sound technician from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Seville.



I have made installations of sound equipment in shows, venues, bars, and nightclubs, where in addition, with my self-taught knowledge about acoustics, I have made speaker designs (acoustic enclosures).

In 2001 I started working at the Globo Music label as a studio technician while learning the ins and outs of concert production from Juan Dunn (Elton John, Benicassim, Alejandro Sanz, and a long etcetera) and in addition to working as a studio technician, I started working as a production assistant.

As a freelancer, I have continued to work in the production of concerts and large events, such as the production of Carlos Baute’s concert for 14,000 people, at the inauguration of the Puerto Sur leisure center in Huelva.

In 2004 I opened my own studio, where in addition to musical productions, recordings of groups of friends, or maintenance and modifications of analog equipment, I spend hours composing.

Greetings and lots of music..!!