Visual effects and motion graphics design in Seville

Animation, VFX, and Motion Graphics.

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Do you want to communicate your message in a different way?

Through graphic animation, we can transmit any concept, however intangible it may be, in an agile and enjoyable way.

We are specialists in creating all kinds of difficult-to-record images, sets, and virtual characters, integration of 3D with a real image, and elements of nature such as water, fire, smoke, and particles.

We combine digital images and graphic elements in 2D and 3D and animated infographics with real images, texts on-screen, and voice-over. We conceive, design and animate all kinds of motion graphics projects. We also carry out logo animations and lettering.

For this we use techniques such as modeling, texturing, 3D lighting, matte painting, chroma key, composition, rotoscoping, motion capture, camera tracking, color grading, etc.

We put our VFX at the service of your story, we save you costs in production while achieving the most spectacular results.

Digital compositing and post-production services

  • Motion graphics and type kinetics
  • Virtual reconstructions
  • 3D visual effects (VFX) and post-production; trackingkeying (chroma key), composition (2D/3D) and digital painting
  • Concept art
  • Element design (props)
  • Scenario design
  • Character design)
  • 3D Photorealism
  • Lighting for 3D design (lighting)
  • Illustrations and infographics