Know Our Philosophy

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For us, it is essential that a recording studio helps to connect with what makes us sing and we believe that technical details matter, but that people matter more since you have to make the voice of the artist sound well-defined and from comfort.

This is the philosophy that has made each artist who passes through here squeeze the most out of their potential.

We are very happy with our current results.

From the beginning, our mission has been to create a place where not only people come to record songs, but also have their own beats and professional video clips.

Our room is previously equalized by SonarWorks Reference 4, so we have a completely flat, faithful, and uncolored listening, which together with our Amphion One18 is a perfect combination.

We Continue To Grow And With More Desire

Stay Hungry and Strong

Currently, we continue to grow and involved in all the projects that come to us. At this moment we know that the Polakoteka is in a 50m2 warehouse but we do not imagine it here in a few years. Our idea is to make it as big as possible and help create a strong outbreak in the music industry from Seville so that in the future the best musicians in the city and Spain shine.

We are not yet formalized as an official seal but our idea is to get to that point, where from our studio you can manage contracts with distributors and forceful advertising campaigns.

We know that the road is hard and that only with passion and effort will we be able to get where we set out to be. Therefore, from here we dream strongly and we believe that this is the way for this project to continue making history with its journey.