Recording studio in Seville

Professional sound recording for both large and small projects.

Sound is at least 50% of any audiovisual project (literally, it goes in the name) but precisely, because it is not something visible, it is often overlooked. In MoonJump no, here we take it very seriously and that is why we have invested in quality brands and equipment to have any eventual need covered. We take care of the sound experience of your project, from recording to postproduction.

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Studio recording process

This is intended for those who wonder what are the steps to record a song in the studio and want to have more information about how we work.

To know how it is recorded in our recording studio we first have to know what musical project we are going to do, how the song we are going to record will be, and decide one day to create it.

Here we will solve some doubts that can always arise before coming to the studio.

How do you record in the studio?

On the day of the recording, we will prepare the microphones to record everything perfectly. That day we will have to bring everything ready to record it and with the energy very high to do it as well as possible.

When we record we have to calibrate the equipment to carry out the recording according to the instruments and/or voices that we have to collect.

Once everything is ready, we will do a simulation of the song so that the artists know how everything sounds, warm up and so that the sound technician of the studio has the correct volume levels to collect everything as perfectly as possible.