5 Keys To Grow As An Artist

How would you feel if you knew that the most important things to being an artist are not purely knowing how to make songs?

These 5 keys to growing as an artist will be empowering when all the legs of the chair contribute.

Currently, the industry is experiencing a problem that affects everyone. It has to do with the point where everyone stagnates, and can’t hit the next jump, and for that, you have to be clear about several concepts.

These are our 5 keys

1) Working hard isn’t everything

It is very important to have perspective and for that, we must stop and study well where we want to go. Going very fast but without any direction is a problem that occurs frequently, since it is not worth going light if it is to nowhere.

2) To stand out, you have to invest

Only artists who work in the most professional way manage to stand out since most try to get things at low cost, but it is impossible to get quality projects at low cost constantly. “He who wants something, something costs him,” is like that. In the long run, taking it as a job will make you surround yourself with the most professionals within the guild. If you don’t take your career seriously, it’s hard, but no one will take you seriously as an artist.

3) Unique Sonar is Critical

There is a very widespread error that arises from not working with producers, or with beats for tracks that are of a single person since it is normal to use free instrumentals from the internet. That is one of the mistakes that prevent you from standing out because if everyone sounds at the same pace it is impossible to find new proposals.

Also, many do not realize that they try to imitate other rappers instead of spending time looking for their own style that characterizes them. Having that vision would make them change the game and bring different things.

4) A concept is needed

Most of the artists of the moment have a clear concept closely linked to their style. It is seen in his movements, his way of dressing, and the scenarios in his video clips. Working on a concept will give us a lot of personality above all, it will make us different.

5) Without visibility you don’t exist

There are many artists who believe that 100% lies in creating and it is a mistake. The best rapper may be doing lyrics at home on a daily basis, but if he doesn’t have visibility no one will ever hear his lyrics. It is essential to move your music if you want to grow as an artist, since an artist is nobody without his listeners, just like a writer without his readers, why so much effort?

Create your own reality

Tips that can help you

In the end, what counts most is not what you dobut how you think. We are in a sector where only a few manage to go far and this happens because the majority is not willing to give everything. Sometimes trusting yourself is not enough if, at the moment of truth, you do not take risks.

If you truly believe in your project, don’t let anyone influence your path.

By taking care of this series of details we can have very noticeable improvements in a short time and improve what we project. It is better a well-made content, than much with worse quality since we will show our weaknesses.