How Much Does It Cost To Record A Song In A Studio?

Today we will talk about prices or rates, what it costs to record a professional song in a studio, and what it is worth approximately in cities such as Seville, Huelva, Malaga, Cordoba, or Cádiz. This is how most recording studios in Andalusia work.

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How much is it worth to record a rap song in Seville?

To know when it costs to record a single in most recording studios we have to understand that when we are going to do we can work in two ways.

  • By Hours
  • Closed price

When we work for hours the whole process takes place while we are in the recording studio. The time we are recording vocals, the time we are composing something of the track that has some detail to improve, or the mixing and mastering time.

When we work at a fixed price, the matter changes a little by the hour. In this case, you usually have time to record the song (or a reserved studio session of “x” hours) and the rest of the process (mixing and mastering) is developed by the technician at a different time.

How much does a recording studio charge to record a single or single?

The fee to record a song will always depend on the value it has to the studio and here influence many things such as the area of the city where it is located, the quality and experience of the technician, the range of his equipment, and much more.

When a recording studio works by the hour, the price is usually between € 25 and € 35 per hour. In these cases, they are usually studios that already have a certain cache and that ensure a minimum of quality that will allow you to sound professional.

Prices for recording studios in 2023, no home studios

This depends on the city, we are in Seville and a price of € 35 / h for an artist who still does not have great success can be expensive, but we know that in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, it is usually more normal to see those prices in studios with medium-high range equipment.

We can also find, by going to mid-range studios, closed prices that often make it easier for the client to have an exact figure of how much it is worth to record a song or single in the studio, so from now on you know how much the project will be worth.

How much does it cost to record a song in Spain?

In these cases, the scale is wider, since the price can range from €50 to approximately €200 in studios with more professionals and better equipped. Our advice is that you ask without obligation since in many cases each project requires a different job.

These prices are adapted to a medium level because when we talk about great successful artists of any famous genre (Trap, Drill, HipHop Rap, etc …) the price can be higher by the cache of the studios in which they work. They’re not only microphones or amplifiers that count but the place where they are.

We have also made an article about how much it costs to record an album in music production companies in Seville, in which we go deeper into how to project a set of songs, EP, or LP and not just a single.

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